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At the age of 29, I still consider my self a youth, free in spirit and mind, open to all sorts of people and challenges. My professional carreer started of at the age of 16 as a web-designer, throughout the last 13 years this has prospered and I now make my living as a graphical artist and photographer. A couple of years after my birth in northern Germany, my family moved to Sweden where I pursued my education.

Further milestones in my life has been living in Brussels, Paris and California before returning to Sweden to attend to my studies. 6 years ago I then returned to southern Germany where I have been living since. Alternating my line of work I designed and managed a trendy Bar & Lounge and started and managed the non-profit youth mountain sports club ThePinStripes e.V. As of 2009 I am an active member of the service club Round Table 227 Baden-Baden and holding the office of International Relations Officer.



My beloved parents, as I, also share the Wanderlust-Gene. This put me in the fortunate position to have travelled through most of Europe and the United States before my 18th birthday. My own travels didn't have to wait for long; as soon as permission was granted I took off for the horizon. In these cases a slim budget was all I had, but it didn't stop me… Having hitchhiked for at least 500 times throughout Sweden and Germany, I always found a way to get where I was going, including some longer stretches, as well as just putting the thumb up if the buss from school was late.

My father, an old hobby ornithologist, was the first to pull me out in to the wild. He quickly awakened my love for nature, hiking and wandering about. Within the past couple of years I have embarked on longer hiking journeys, as a 3 part hike over the whole of Crete in Greece, once around Elba on the coast of Italy, over the Tramuntana-Mountains on Mallorca, Spain, through the Cevennes in central France and the "Westweg" from north to south trough the Black Forrest in Germany. Once, starting in the mountains of Liguria in Italy, I also filmed my Hike all the way to the Cinque Terre on the Italian west coast. Always with two things on my mind: avoiding tourist locations and getting to know the locals!

So that's the way I move, baby! Anywhere, always cost-effective, very flexible and always open to alternatives. In this spirit I once had to paddle a longer stretch off the coast of Greece on an old stranded Body-Board in order to get back on my track, which had just disappeared, somehow!?