Wanderlust – a desire to walk the earth, to understand ones very existence

With these words I’d like to start of, describing this epic journey of mine, but introductions first, my name is Frank, but you can call me Frankie ;-)

First and foremost this project is about to learn from and about Africa’s youth, to understand their lives and differences - in order to help and ensure their future.

On this huge continent so full off different races, cultures, religions, tribes and countries, a few weeks won’t do the trick. Therefore, I thought of another plan to get to know as much and as many of these different states of mind – this led me to set up a 3-stage plan.


Duration: 142 Days

Start: May 2012

Status: Running

Dear friends and acquaintances, as you can read on the other pages of this Homepage, I'm working on a bit unusual idea, and maybe I would need your help here! For a far larger Africa-Project I have to produce an mini-series.

The Africa-Ducumentation will become a young format showing, in a long journey, the youth of Africa and how to help her. In order to learn and show how I produce I had to think of something a bit special. Therefore I will now make a journey through germany, a kind of Work and Travel the other way.

So, what I am looking for are places to work, just short term, for a few days or so in order to document on the different jobs in Germany. It does not matter whether as a secretary, at the hardware store, as a garbage man, in the law firm or behind the bar! I'm versatile, fit and learn very fast! You dont even need to Hire me and should my work be worth a salary I'd be glad to write you an Invoice!

So what do you say, sounds quite interesting right!? At least a quite nice experiment!. All further Information can be gathered from the following sites of this homepage.

My normal work as a Graphic artist and photographer, I will continue between the jobs. In earlier years, I have jobbed as a bartender, insurance salesman, disc jockey, retail clerk, cook and paper-boy.

With this project I will start at the beginning of May, it goes roughly in a clockwise sense from Heidelberg through Germany ending at Lake Constance 5 months later.



Duration: 3-4 months

Start: October / November 2012

Status: Planning

Due to personal circumstances a window of opportunity has open’d: In between October and February over a timeframe of round about 3 Months I’m looking for Humanitarian organisation to document on. Neither the location nor the organisation behind is very important to me but the work actually done at the project site. As already shown on my pre-tour throughout Germany I’m used to travel on a very limited budget, in the same way; this project should be about helping and documenting about how to help, not to make money…

If you have a suitable project, any inspiration or questions – don’t hesitate to call on me – I’m always open for a chat!



Duration: 7 mounts

Start: April 2013 / October 2013 / April 2014 / October 2014

Status: Planning

The first part is to travel down, not by plane but by feet. As my old hiking-buddy Hans Höfl always used to say: “Only where you have been by feet, you have really been!” Well, walking all the way down to southern Africa is not really the answer to it but basically the right way to think, I thought. Since Youth in Africa live their lives with very limited to no means at all, I will also leave comfort and luxury behind.

- The “How to”:  Due to the conflicts in northern and central Africa, I had to dismiss my first thought of going all the way through Africa. Instead I’m now going to start at the Equator, more precisely in Kampala, capital of Uganda. I will be working my way down to Cape Town mostly by hitchhiking and hiking. Depending on the possibilities and the success alternating the travels with overland-busses and trains – all to get to know as many people as possible… I have scheduled 3 months for this part.


Duration: 3 mounts

Start: N/A

Status: N/A

The second part consists of learning how to live with nature in Africa. The vast differences in Flora and Fauna are surely not to be dismissed but to be highly considered to be able to work and live properly - in order to ensure the much needed help and to get it to those who really need it!

- The “How to”: I started of with this part, actually! After my trip to South Africa in 2010 the longing to stay and live in Africa developed from dream to necessity! About a year ago, after what felt like having written to every nature reserve in southern Africa, I got a real serious chance to live and work in a nature reserve in the eastern cape area of South Africa. To balance it all up, I will be staying there for another 3 months.


Duration: ∞

Start: N/A

Status: N/A

The third part is the actual goal of the project: to gather enough knowledge to actually start working in a right manner, to rebuild and prosper this so harshly violated part of our globe.

- The “How to!”: Having already a couple of admirable human and nature-help organisations lined up, the six mouths in Africa will show me where to put my focus and efforts for the next 6 mounts. Basically, that’s next year's plan!